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You Have Certain Rights

As a member of this great American society… you have certain rights. Among them….if you have the need….are:

  • Your right to get rid of certain debts and lower total monthly payments.
  • Your right to put your creditors under control.
  • Your right to bust out of or change certain contracts and agreements.
  • Your right to keep certain property
  • Your right to get rid of certain debt-ridden property without being strapped with its debt
  • Your right to bring creditor harassment and certain lawsuits to a halt
  • Your right to protect other people who have “co-signed” for you, and
  • Your right to a financial “fresh start”

These are some of your rights under the United States Federal Bankruptcy Laws. These are rights and benefits to which you are legally entitled.

Your Congress created these rights. It’s up to you…whether you wish to claim them.

Claiming Your Rights

The truth is that claiming your rights under the bankruptcy laws can provide you and your family with some truly amazing rights and benefits. Where else in the world can you simply get rid of certain debts and put certain creditors under control with the stroke of a pen?

Is it any wonder that creditors hate the bankruptcy laws and will do everything in their power to promote the myth that “filing bankruptcy would be bad for you.” What the creditors really mean is that when you file bankruptcy it’s bad for them.

Access to the benefits of bankruptcy is your right as a US resident. If you need these rights they are yours to claim.

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